Kha’Zix the Voidreaver


Kha’Zix, a creature that vastly resembles a purple mantis with much deadlier tools at his disposal, in the game League of Legends, has a story to where he starts off as a fragile and extremely famished being. To get stronger, he hunted the strongest being he could find in Valoran to absorb their strength and faster his evolution process. This continues on until one day he was pounced on by a beast using claws and a steel dagger. The two beasts had at it until sunrise where both became severely injured and were forced to retreat. On that day forward, Kha’Zix’s hunger for the hunter of his own power grew stronger and never ceased to die down.

This story can relate to how greed affects people in negative ways during daily life. Greed can start as a small and seemingly insignificant factor but can grow to become something that takes over someones life, just as Kha’Zix has set his mind on being able to catch and consume his arch-nemesis. Most of the time it can show up in children from wanting pieces of candy to all different kinds of toys that are put on store shelves. At other times, thing like drugs, alcohol, gambling, and etc. can take over someones life and may even eventually put them out on the streets or maybe even worse off.

In the religious teachings of Buddhism, greed is known as one of the three poisons that can stop you from seeing your full potential in life. This is stated in the article Three Poisons – the Source of the Problem and it goes on to say, “Greed is the uncontrolled impulse to fulfill these desires, even at the cost of the unhappiness of others. Inevitably, such pursuits lead only to a sense of frustration.” and this is something that I can completely agree on.



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