Rengar the Pridestalker


Rengar, a feline in the game League of Legends, is a trophy hunter that collects the heads, horns, claws, and fang of his victims. Having been raised by humans, he has never met his parents and could only learn from his human father, an admired legendary hunter, and end up claiming a territory as his own. The skulls collected are placed around the perimeter to intimidate random stragglers. As Rengar goes through Valoran on hunts, he never finds anyone worthy of a proper fight and would always be dissatisfied with the level of difficulty presented. As Rengar would believe that nothing exciting would ever happen again, a strange alien-like creature appeared before him and without a second thought he leapt on the creature. Each one had suffered large amounts of damage resulting in crippling wounds. The battle ended up in both opponents having to retreat and fight with one another at a different time. Rengar had ended up losing an eye as a result but his body surged with joy and instantly cleared a spot to place the head of the alien on the biggest wall in his den.

Rengar, in a few ways, can resemble Abigail Williams in the book The Crucible. The first way is that neither have met or grown up with their parents and spend their lives without them causing them to not be as attached to their guardians as other may be. Another would be that Rengar stops at nothing to be able to slay the encountered alien just as Abigail goes at nothing to be able to replace Elizabeth Proctor as John Proctor’s lover and would use the dirtiest trick possible if given the option.


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