Fizz the Tidal Trickster


Fizz, a champion loved by few and hated by every player who has lost a game because of him. Many people say that he requires no skill to play and is a “cheap shot” or easy way to gain a win when in reality it’s the complete opposite. Fizz can easily be defined as high risk high reward type of play style that does require a bit of thought but doesn’t come near something that’s completely mind boggling. His entire play style and background made me fall in love with him right as I got the chance to play him.

Fizz comes from an ancient underwater race that survived through protection of a secluded city underneath a mountain in the sea. As Fizz being the curious type, he quickly became unsatisfied with his way of life and often left to go out and find trouble. With each dangerous encounter, Fizz became a strong duelist and gained high agility that allows him to escape any trouble he gets into.  When arriving home one day, the entire city was deserted without a clue to where anyone was. Taking the best plan of action, Fizz salvaged an enchanted trident from the city and left. After multiple years of wandering the ocean, he ended up at the port city of Bilgewater. Being fascinated by the humans living in the city, Fizz unintentionally meddled in the affairs of the seafarers. This angered the inhabitants and Fizz ended up with a bounty until the day he saved the port from a dragon-shark attack through his knowledge of its weaknesses. From that point on, Fizz gained respect and decided to stay in Bilgewater.

Even though many people hate on this fish-amphibious like creature, he will always be one of my favorite champions in League of Legends.maxresdefault


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