Bard the Wandering Caretaker

Bard, an interesting mystical being with an unknown past, technically is a top contender for having the strongest power in the world but none of it is used for malice. He uses his power to remove any threats whenever the universe would face its destruction, it’s pretty cliché. The only other things known about Bard are the facts that he travels through different realms unknown to mortal beings and has been given a plethora amount of names throughout history.

In my honest opinon, Bard, off the bat, doesn’t seem too great whether in the context of his lore or even playing in game to help you climb in ranked games and get that sweet ranking you always wanted. In addition to the short lore given, a promotional video for Bard was released with it actually showing you the extent of his powers and how much he actually matters. As for playing him in game, he would probably be one of the best champions you can choose if your purpose is to have fun, mess around with friends and have a good time. In more serious games, he is still a great choice to use due to the fact of how much utility he can provide for the team through the many different ways that you can use your abilities and his skill cap being at the utmost high. Many people won’t agree with the fact that he can be the single factor that wins the game because Bard is a support but these people are ignorant and don’t have enough experience with the game itself.

Even though my experience with Bard is limited to a handful of games and watching other people play him, I guarantee that he will be a keeper so you should buy him or even wait until he’s in the weekly free rotation to play him.


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