Slavery in Today’s Perspective

Ever since I was born, I’ve lived a sheltered like away from the world’s problems and really only cared about my own. When learning about slavery or even talking about it to another person, its normally talked about as if its been abolished and a thing of the past because it was so prominent. The reality is that slavery is literally in about every country in the world whether it be for labor, sexual purposes, or even a debt that must be repaid. Of course there are countless people and organizations attempting to spread the word to as many people as possible but since slavery doesn’t affect them they just give a blind eye and go on with their daily lives dealing with their day to day nine to five jobs.

Frederick Douglass’ narrative had been able to show the horrors of slavery to the general public in a way nothing else could. Through the details of him or another being whipped or even any other event that took place while he was a slave completely changed the minuscule vision I had and allowed me to experience it for myself without actually experiencing it. At the end of chapter 1 of the narrative, Frederick Douglass already shows the gruesome whippings that were normally happening at the time and having to imagine it happening today would be, without a doubt, unbelievable. At the start of chapter 10 it states, “Mr. Covey sent me, very early in the morning of one of our coldest days in the month of January, to the woods, to get a load of wood. He gave me a team of unbroken oxen.” At this point, it’s completely obvious that the slave master is assigning impossible tasks just so that he could enact his privilege of whipping the slaves. As for how someone could build up enough malice to do such a thing, I could never know. As for today, I believe people have less patience to even plan out how things go down and the quote, “When I asked for anything or complained he would hit me” from a story on an anti-slavery website shows how the slave owner gets right to the point and doesn’t give it a second thought.child_labour_nepal

All of this thought reminded me that League has a champion (Thresh) whose whole purpose is to enslave the souls of people and have them suffer to the point far beyond death itself. He literally is no different from the slave owners of the past or even today.


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